Working partners

We take pride in our networks with our committed various working partnerships we have developed over the years. We are well and excellently resourced and networked with China-state-owned strategic partners, alliance partners, contractors and associates.



Caricom has entered into mutually-beneficial strategic working partnerships directly and indirectly with a variety of subsidiaries of Chinese policy banks, Chinese sovereign funds, Chinese state-owned enterprises (SOEs) and Chinese investors.

Such direct and indirect partnerships have substantially improved the efficiency of Caricom’s business portfolio and they are large assets that have enabled Caricom acting as a platform of funding, financing, investment & project management to channel Chinese money into Latin America for the G2G projects between China and Latin America, i.e. via the active partnerships with PDVSA Agriculture in Venezuela and Pemex in Mexico.

These alliances have enabled Caricom to provide a broad range of services and to capitalize on existing expertise in local and global marketplaces, giving us a distinct competitive advantage to develop and strengthen these partnerships, as we expand our scope and expertise. These invaluable relationships are built on each Chinese partner’s core competencies, mission, strategy, and a shared vision.

For Venezuela

a) The Committed agricultural working sub-contractors to implement the oil-for-agricultural projects on-site in Venezuela:

  • China Heilongjiang Xinliang Grains & Oils Group Co., Ltd.
    The partners of Caricom’s strategic partner - China Xinliang Group in Venezuela since 2008 acted as the agricultural gateway and platform of PetroChina are the Government of Venezuela, PDVSA and its PDVSA Agriculture Venezuela
  • China Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps
    Caricom uses its unique ability to leverage its extensive network in China by inviting China Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps directly under government of Xinjiang Autonomous region China to participate into the syndication of the oil-for-agricultural projects with China Xianliang Group to jointly carry out the oil-for-agricultural project programme in Venezuela.
  • China Investment Corporation CIC,

b) Committed crude oil & petrochemical products buyers via the oil-for-agricultural project programme:

For Mexico

a) Committed working partners from 3rd Dec 2013 to work strategically for Pemex:

b) For obtaining a drilling consignment under the platform of:

c)  Bu working and financing for Pemex

For Libya

a) Committed working partners to work strategically for NOC:
b) Crude oil for the barter trade for the construction of oil tank farm project
c) Committed working partners for the construction and repair of refineries and oil tank farm in Libya:

d) Main contractor:

For Kuwait

Committed working partners to work strategically for KPC: