Caricom prides itself as a company enjoying a great run of success and it is governed and is steered by a lifeblood of the celebrated and influential Executive Board in Beijing, in Hong Kong and in Aruba to perform general management functions under its Chinese Supervisory Board.

The team has a wealth of experience, strong direct physical networks and relationships gained through many years of dealing with the Caribbean countries and Latin America. It drives to build lasting partnerships with the most promising entrepreneurs and the governmental companies, i.e. PDVSA and Pemex.

For example, Caricom cares to build a strong relationship with PDVSA Agriculture Venezuela and Pemex in Mexico and to listen to their needs making sure we match their expectations and in helping them drive their business growth, particularly for Pemex of Mexico in line of their recent opening of the oil and gas sector to international investors where is going to be attracted multi-billion USD investments into Mexico in the next 20 years. Caricom’s strength is built upon its solid local networks, where its team works tirelessly and integrates themselves into their strategic partners of Caricom in Mexico to make the soul of project in oil & gas become a sucess story. What precisely does this mean? Caricom’s customers in Venezuela and Mexico, i.e. PDVSA and Pemex are dealing with by the team of Caricom who has the real experience life to understand their unique requirements and make it happen with outstanding and successful results based on its pillars of local and Chinese cultural knowledge, vast experience, deep expertise, professionalism and integrity.

This allows Caricom always having the strategic partnerships to the highest standard of genuine dedication and commitment with our customers in Venezuela and Mexico. the team of Caricom conducts the business professionally and with the highest order of ethics. These always manifest a high confidence level from customers of Caricom.