It is all about making a difference. At Caricom, we’re passionate about Venezuela and Mexico, and to help realise economic and infrastructure development projects through sourcing Chinese capital.



Caricom is a platform of a different kind and it is orriginally an agent of the oil block owner from Venezuela with office and desk in Aruba, Curacao Caribbean and Hong Kong with the representations in Beijing, Heilongjiang, Haikou, Shenzhen China, Singapore, Mexico and Caracas Venezuela. Its original and ultiffmate business links directly with Venezuela, Mexico, Aruba and Curacao.

It helps companies, i.e. Pemex from Mexico raise fund on EPC model from China and clients manage assets, it is well-known for taking the lead in capturing unseen opportunities, bringing together like-minded partners to finance growing businesses. In other words, it likes to think of Caricom as the thread that links opportunity to value, and the bridge that connects China to Venezuela and Mexico.

By having no intention of reinventing the wheel, we are always dedicated to focusing on the following tremendous opportunities to carve a niche of our own for Caricom:

1) Oil tradingtrading

Its major business is to focus export heavy fuel oil, heavy crude oil, Bitumen, D2, CST180, CST380, black diesel and other refined products from Venezuela to different Asian countries, particularly to the China market, due to its direct solid partnerships with Chinese state-owned agricultural groups for the G-to-G oil-for-agricultural project programme in Venezuela.

Caricom’s cored focus is on the China and Venezuelan market, i.e. from selling the heavy fuel oil to Chinese major oil companies and refineries by using an indirect bank credit line facility (to issue DLC to the sellers) in hand granted by Chinese state-owned blue-chip via its Hong Kong office to deal with end-supplier, i.e. the window registered company under PDVSA’s approved membership list as well to have partnerships with Chinese state-owned corporations to deal with Venezuela for the oil-for-agricultural projects in Venezuela.

In addition of the above, of course, it acts as the agency of some Asian refineries to source the oil-related products from PDVSA. It supplies excellent quality, large quantity available and price very competitive to Asian refineries, particularly to the Chinese teapot refineries and state-owned refineries via the blue-chip state-owned oil companies.

Also, Caricom sources various kinds of petroleum products via our solid networks from Middle East, African and Russian for its Chinese major customers via the 3 big state-owned oil companies as its import agent.

It also focuses on sourcing direct volume of LNG and LPG for the Chinese market, where is in a huge demand.

One of Caricom’s main strengths is the direct financial backing from Chinese state-owned companies after being locked in by the oil-for-agricultural projects in Venezuela. The focus on managing the entire oil supply chain from “source to Chinese port” via making use of chartering tanker vessels appointed by our Chinese backing, has been contributing to Caricom’s success.

Caricom always supplies its Asian clients with qualified products punctually delivery for every order. We are proud of our worldwide relationship networks, which enables it to move oil almost everywhere around the global into Asia, particularly into China.

Since the oil market is supply driven rather than buyer driven, A well-network among our suppliers, investors, bankers and advisors has enable us to respond to meet our Chinese customer requirements, particularly under the platform of the oil-for-agricultural projects in Venezuela.

Jointly with Chinese backing blue-chips together with its HNA Caricom Energy Ltd, which is a JV with HNA Group in Hainan province, Caricom is always in a position of further arranging capital to finance trades in oil and other commodities from Venezuela, Curacao and Brazil into the China market.

Caricom sincerely welcomes genuine sellers to contact us and know more about our company and products we purchase from the sellers for the China market via the credit line granted by our Chinese financial backing blue-chips. Our main objective does not only consist of selling our Venezuela principal’s products, but also maintain a long term business relationships on the basis of faithful cooperation and mutual business benefits.

2) Agri-for-oil with Venezuelabestandbest

Caricom is backed by a group syndication of institutions and Chinese investors under a solid platform of the operation of oil-for-agricultural projects in Venezuela on the G-to-G level, which aims to support Chinese state-owned agricultural companies to develop the cooperation with Venezuela under the supporting policy given by Chinese policy banks in compliance with the pledge to further cement the strategic partnership of the China-Venezuela High-level Mixed Committee.

Caricom serves to bridge the cooperation between Chinese and Venezuela in the oil-for-agricultural investments in the Venezuela for the mutual beneficial and win-win between two countries.

Caricom plays a key role in forging close ties in the agricultural projects in Venezuela with the funding backed by the platform of one-stop of a total solution for the oil-for-agricultural projects in Venezuela.

Through close cooperation with the both government of Venezuela and Chinese state-owned agricultural groups, Caricom works with Chinese state-owned companies to successfully implement effective business plans for the oil-for-agricultural investments in Venezuela.

With a highly efficient framework and the platform given by Chinese state-owned corporations, Chinese sovereign funds, Chinese policy banks, Chinese investors and the government of Venezuela, Caricom always seeks the help from Chinese related provincial authorities to invest into the agricultural sectors in Venezuela via the obligation of China extending soft loans to Venezuela to facilitate agricultural investment projects in Venezuela.

Based on its strong viable capability in policy compliance and capital operation generated from the oil-for-agricultural investment project programme, Caricom has been appointed by the qualified, competent and capable Chinese state-owned agricultural contractors, Chinese state-owned corporations, Chinese policy banks, Chinese sovereign funds to be in talks with the governmental project authority/owner/holder of the G-to-G agricultural projects in the Caribbean States, i.e. it is in the process of applying for a bank license in one of the Caribbean States in order to channel the Chinese investments into the Caribbean States and Latin America.

3) Oil as one of collaterals for funding the construction of oil-rigs in China for Mexico20130909155932[1]

Backed by Chinese banks, Sinosure, Chinese sovereign funds, COSL, CNOOC and Chinese investors, Caricom has engaged and committed in the financing, funding, design, building and construction and completion of oil rigs in China by working together with well-established Chinese marine construction corporations, i.e China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC) and one of its fully-owned subsidiaries China Shipbuilding Trading Co., Ltd. (CSTC)

By working with CSSC and CSTC with a foothold in the solid networks with Chinese policy banks and Sinosure, Caricom is in the process of working with major drilling companies, such as, Aban Offshore, Arktikmorneftegazrazvedka, Frigstad, Neptune Marine Oil & Gas, Saipem and Transocean which need CSSC Shipyard providing their high valued assets with a high value-added refits to suit the demanding offshore industry.

Over all, it operates with a high level of integrity and international best practices. It is supported by a well-qualified team of associates in Venezuela, Mexico, Aruba, Curacao, China, Singapore and Hong Kong as well as a board of advisors comprised of prominent individuals from the fields of oil industry, agriculture, investment management, finance, industry and academia from China, Aruba, Venezuela and Mexico.