Welcome to Caricom

It is all about making a difference. Passionate about Venezuela and Mexico, deeply rooted in  China, Venezuela and Mexico. It sets out as a “one-stop” shop to know Venezuela and Mexico in order to help them find the perfect match to Chinese funding flooding into the economic development of both Venezuela and Mexico. Our reputation is based upon our ability to deliver outstanding results and exceptional of service in terms of bridging the funding from China into Venezuela and Mexico.

It is a key accessibility entity to Chinese money backed by the selected Chinese state-owned corporations, Chinese banks, Chinese sovereign funds and Chinese investors to have been mandated

  • exploring, funding and implementing the overseas investments and operations for its principals into Venezuela and Mexico
  • consolidating and managing their existing and future investments into overseas assets in Venezuela and Mexico.

It is an overseas investment platform for Chinese. also, it has established deep ties with a number of well-known international funds, and has accumulated wealth market experience in China

Leveraging on its vast network of contacts and the solid track records in success, it always cooperates closely with world-class partners, supports Chinese enterprises expanding overseas, particularly by establishing a one stop integrated solution for the G2G partners in Venezuela and in Mexico.

What we do is to focus on being the most reliable mutually-beneficial strategic partner backed by Chinese in the following 3 core areas:

  • Oil trading
  • It is a tailor-made trading platform exporting the oil products from Venezuela to the China market since 2008 via one stop of a tototal solution for the G-to-G oil-for-agricultural projects in Venezuela.
  • It is also a tailor-made funding gateway with the oil as one of collaterals for funding the construction of oil-rigs by CSSC in China for Pemex. Upon deployment of its irgs, under its proven operators of COSL/CNOOC/Mexican operators, it then has the newest fleet oil rigs operating with the most advanced drilling systems available in the industry.

Caricom’s core values are built on integrity, collaboration, commitment and professionalism to tailor its activities by focusing on the precise funding needs of Venezuela and Mexico based on the oil as the collateral for Chinese money channeling into Venezuela and Mexico. The achievement of providing the funding service to build the oil rigs in China by CSSC for Pemex, further marks a significant milestone on the road to implementing the strategy of Caricom’s G2G service to Venezuela and Mexico.

Our success story of the good business has only been done with passion, down-to-earth attitude, strong multi-lingual skills and multi-cultural orientation. Team orientation and intense commitment to Venezuela and Mexico, this is how/what we always implement and perform to make excellence as a habit for Caricom

The above enables Caricom to be exceptionally well positioned to take advantage of the growing economy of Venezuela and Mexico.

Of course, achieving the critical expansion of oil export market in today’s fast-growing oil emerging markets of Venezuela and Mexico, has been the driving force behind Caricom’s strategic expansion and true success story in 2013 and now further move it from 2014 onwards for sure further through our network of partners worldwide.