Why us



What makes us different is that Caricom has proven solid networks and bridge working between China and Latin America with its specialists in the financing and funding.

A unique end-to-end approach at the G-to-G level is at the heart of what Caricom offers and be delivered by an experienced team of network deal-making professionals who are experts in untangling the complexities and complications of the G-to-G project investments in Venezuela and Mexico.

It is one of Caricom’s core advantages on getting the fund-raising and funding from its Chinese anchor investors with a proven track record of success in having a specific focus on moving Chinese money for investing further into overseas, particularly into Venezuela and Mexico.

Unique focus on G-2-G projects

It focuses on the value-added platform for the Government-to-Government (G-to-G) projects invested jointly by Chinese authorities and the government of the countries of both Venezuela and Mexico.

With its financing experience, it assists Chinese investors and its business partners of Venezuela and Mexico in selecting viable financing structure, designing its financing scheme, improving financial structure, and enhancing its operating capabilities and efficiency for venturing into Venezuela and Mexico.

Funding, financing & investment

Its focus has been mainly dedicated as a boutique funding and financing with the sustainable investment platforms backed by its Chinese investors, its Chinese policy banks and Chinese sovereign funds to benefit from the high growth prospects of these sector crossing Venezuela and Mexico in the business of the oil related drilling & Agriculture for oil.

Caricom has established a good relationship with domestic and international finance institutions such as China Development Bank, The Export-Import Bank of China, Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Bank of Communications, China Merchants Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation and China Investment Corporation based on the effect and support by our Chinese network groups.

It enables Caricom:

  • providing overall services for the strategic development of the company and operation requirements.
  • providing convenient funding and financing plans for its clients in Venezuela & in Mexico and drilling equipment suppliers for being assembled and manufactured oil rigs in the shipyards of CSSC http://www.cssc.net.cn/en/ and
  • also offering strong financing support for the cooperation of such clients and suppliers in the global offshore industry.

Caricom works to create and implement strategic and tailored solutions designed to advance the objectives of both our Chinese investors and our business partners of both Venezuela, i.e. PDVSA Agriculture and Mexico.

One of the strategic lines of activity of Caricom is creation of financial and investment platform together with the subsidiaries of Chinese policy banks and Chinese contractors to manage and invest into projects in Venezuela and Mexico with the financial support of Chinese banks.

In principle, there are three key investment criteria for Caricom’s syndication investors/funds:

  • the majority of the viable projects should be owned by Chinese state-owned companies,
  • the major shareholders of the projects have to buy it back within 5-8 years period and
  • Caricom via its Chinese legal entities only invests into the project with minority up from 20% to 40% of the total share of the projects.

Bilingual & cross-culture networks

Caricom has established an extensive network among China, Venezuela and Mexico. Of course, the key competitive advantage of Caricom is its team of bilingual, cross-culture, knowledgeable, experienced and discrete professionals who are able to structure and execute deals more discretely, efficiently/timely and cost effectively among China and Venezuelan and Mexican markets.

Professional team

The skills, experience and entrepreneurial qualities of management teams are the most important determinants of companies’ success. Therefore, the board of directors of Cariom understand the management motivations, management philosophies and personalities.

It has an excellent track proven record of investment experts: The management team has over decades of investment experience, i.e. private equity fund asset management, investments in special situations, corporate debt restructuring, venture capital, IPO, a wealth of experience of both domestic and cross-border corporate restructuring and M&A etc.

With the appropriate capital, in-depth knowledge/experience, strong business discreet network of Chinese local and international experienced, fully qualified professionals, partners, advisors, originators and co-investors, as well as the bi-lingual and bi-cultural background of its professional team, Caricom aims to participate and/or facilitate the Venezuelan and Mexican growth entities or the G-to-G projects in achieving superior business and/or investment outcomes in Venezuela and Mexico.

For project of the oil rig and drilling equipment with Pemex, Caricom works with CSSC, which owns a special team of licensed professionals, experts and skilled and highly competent employees who earn a good international reputation and specializes at the areas of marine product design, construction, safety, welding, NDT, painting, and etc. This specialized team not only helps CSSC build trusts from Pemex; but also share their rich knowledge and experiences within the yards in the way of “EPC models together wth CSSC, COSL and CNOOC and operators of owner of oil rigs”.

We are proud of our track record in success. We are proactive and resourceful for a continued robust future. In summary, we have been striving to meet a single performance criterion mentioned above, we inspire a culture of enthusiasm, dedication and team spirit to be the best at what we do into reality for Venezuela and Mexico.